Having trouble finding Dallas apartments that accept German Shepherds?

Have you been turned away by apartments because of your German Shepherd?  No need to stress, I can help you find German Shepherd friendly apartments.

Apartments that accept German Shepherds

Believe it or not there are several apartments that accept German Shepherds. More so than most other ‘aggressive’ breeds.

Rents can be a little higher for apartments who accept German Shepherds.  Generally starting at about $900 for 1 bedroom apartments and $1200 for 2 bedroom apartments. However the best new is there apartments who will allow German Shepherds.  Ignore other locators who say  you might have to give up your pet.  I would never want to you separated!

The areas that I commonly see the most apartments who will accept a German Shepherd are in Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Richardson, Las Colinas, Frisco, and Lewisville.  ‘

Even Ft. Worth has apartments willing to accept German Shepherds.  Those will start around $950 for one bedrooms.

Some of my favorite apartments have pet wash stations, dog parks, and are pet focused.  Many will have special photo contests, community events, and more surrounding your four legged friend.

Pet fees and deposits average around $500 total per pet.  Some lower, some higher.  There are even a few places that don’t charge pet rent, but those are rare.

How I can help you look for apartments that allow German Shepherds

I can look for apartments for you and your German Shepherd up to 60 days away.

You get to take advantage of my years of experience searching for apartments that will allow German Shepherds.  Tell me what you are looking for, your budget, and any specials requests.  I will do my best to find apartments that fit your needs.  Keep in mind you may need to be flexible as not all areas have apartments that accept German Shepherds.

My pet friendly apartment locator service is free for placing “Chad w/DFW Apartment Nerdz” on your rental application and guest card on the ‘How did you hear of us” section.

I’ll even through in a rent rebate on top of any apartment move in specials that I can get you.

Additionally a few of our partners are now offering 24 month leases which will lock in your rental rate.  This way you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to pet deposits and pet fees (pet fees are non-refundable).

Contact me today and I will get started finding you new apartments that accepts your German Shepherd!