Apartments With No Breed Restrictions

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Renting Apartments With No Breed Restrictions

Renting an apartment in Dallas when you have pets can be difficult if your beloved friend is on managements restricted breeds list.  Most new apartments in Dallas have breed restriction policies.

The reasons for doing so range from resident and pet safety, to property insurance policies, to noise levels.

But whatever the reason a manager might have for denying your pet’s residency, we know that you love your pet and would never expect you to part with them.

Requirements For Apartments With No Breed Restrictions

I’m sure the top question you have is which apartments accept aggressive breeds and what are the requirements?

At DFW Apartment Nerdz I can help you find apartments that accept aggressive breeds. There are about 125 apartments with no breed restrictions in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.  The good news is that even more apartments accept German Shepherds and Huskies.  Even better, some apartments have yards.

Apartments without breed restrictions can be found in areas such as Uptown Dallas, Las Colinas, Lake Highlands, Plano, McKinney, Lewisville, Denton, North Ft. Worth and more.

Rents for apartments with no breed restrictions range anywhere from $1300-$3500 for 1 bedroom apartments and $1600-$4500 for 2 bedroom apartments, depending on the location. Some could be slightly lower.

Monthly apartment pet rent can range from $15 to $30 for 1 pet and $30 to $60 for 2 pets.

And then there is the pet deposit and pet fee.  Gasp!  As a rule of thumb I would suggest allowing for $400-$600 for the deposit and pet fee per pet.  While the pet fee is non-refundable, the pet deposit generally is. But for anyone who has rented before we know how that sometimes goes.

What To Expect When Visiting No Breed Restriction Apartments

You should have your pet’s vet records accessible when you visit.  You may also need to plan for a pet interview prior to leasing.  A pet interview is a super quick meet and greet with the staff to ensure that your pet shows no aggressive tendencies.

Most Dallas apartments that accept all dog breeds offer dog parks onsite, pet waste stations, and dog wash stations.

We have several apartments on our website that don’t have breed restrictions or who accept select breeds commonly considered restricted.

I can provide you a free list of Dallas no breed restriction apartments that meet your criteria.

Always happy to help!

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