I have an emotional support animal that is considered an aggressive breed

In the State of Texas if your doctor has certified your dog as an emotional support animal then your dog would be allowed to stay with you regardless of community policies.  You would need to complete a lease addendum taking financial responsibility for your dog.  In addition pet fees, rent, and deposits are traditionally waived.

The exception would be if your dog has any sort of bite history.  In that case a landlord could deny your animal.

Generally speaking you need to have your ESA letter renewed annual by a physician.  There are scam services online claiming a lifetime designation.  Don’t waste your time or money on them.

This is not to be taken as legal advice.  Consult your physician or an attorney for details on emotional support animals.

I have a mixed breed dog, do I need a no breed restriction apartment?

If your dog is mixed with a breed that is on an apartments’ breed restriction list then in most cases your dog would not be accepted.  The breed mix would depend on if you need a true no breed restriction apartment.  If you have a Lab/Pit mix for example then you would need a true no breed restriction apartment.  While there are a few rare exceptions, that is the general rule.

I have a Husky, do I need a no breed restriction apartment?

There are many apartments who accept Huskies who might not accept certain other aggressive breeds.  Your apartment locator knows which apartments that accept Huslies and which that do not.  We won’t waste your time like other locator services.

I have a German Shepherd, do I need a no breed restriction apartment?

Yes and no.  There are many apartments who accept German Shepherds who might not accept certain other breeds.  Your apartment locator knows which apartments that accept German Shepherds and which that do not.  We won’t waste your time like other locator services.

Why should I use an Apartment Locator?

Our Apartment locator is local and has knowledge of the area and market, not just knowledge that some database has.  Plus you’ll be eligible for a rebate!  Free money and a free apartment locator service, what’s better than that?

What are the income requirements?

Income requirements vary by apartment community, generally you will need to make 3x the rent in gross income.  However there are a few who only require 2.5x the rent in income.  If married the income is counted between the two.  If roommates, then in general each roommate should make 2x the rent in gross income.

What information do I need to provide my DFW apartment finder with?

Your apartment finder will need to know your monthly rental budget, desired move date, any negative rental or criminal history, as well as the area you most want to live in and any special requests.  Our apartment finders will do their very best to locate an apartment that meets what you are looking for, however in some cases a compromise may be needed.

Any brand new apartments in Dallas running move in specials?

Absolutely!  Some Dallas apartments are offering up to 8 weeks free, reduced rents, reduced deposits, and much more!

I have a previous broken lease or eviction, can you help me?

Sorry, at this time we are unable to assist with any evictions or broken leases.

What areas do your Dallas apartment finders serve?

Our apartment locator service can help you find apartments throughout Dallas including but not limited to Plano, Frisco, Uptown Dallas, Las Colinas, Fort Worth, Richardson, McKinney, Allen, and Lewisville.

Do you offer a free move?

No, at this time we do not offer a free move.  Often the service is only for an hour, maybe two, leaving you to pay the rest at a high rate.

We offer rent rebates on most all DFW apartments we list.  To make it fair for everyone we offer rebates 10% of our commission as long as the commission is at least $250.

Do you offer the best move in specials?

I seek out the best apartment move in specials rather publicly advertised or privately advertised and present them to my clients. The difference is knowing about the specials versus not knowing about the specials.  There are times that unless you specifically ask for the move in special it will not be offered.  We want you to get the best deal possible!  Base rents remain the same regardless of if a special is offered or not.

Are rental rates negotiable?

In general base rental rates are not negotiable.  Occasionally they may waive a trash fee or pet rent but those cases are not common.  Prices are set by the property owner and in order to comply with fair housing rules, are the same to everyone and every locator.  Any apartment locator service who claims to have a special deal in place that can offer you a better rate may be misleading you.

How do apartment locators in Dallas get paid?

DFW apartment locators receive a commission paid from the marketing budget of the apartment community.  This has no effect on your rental rate.

Is your Dallas Apartment Locator Service Free?

Yes, my Dallas apartment finder service is 100% free.  All I ask is that you list me as the referral on your app/lease and let me know.  The apartment communities will not alert me to your lease.  If I don’t know you’ve leased, I won’t be paid by the apartment manager.